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About me

So I guess its pretty obvious I love ART and because of this i like to get involved with different art projects.  Here are a couple of my latest involvements....

"Be true to yourself, live your dreams and reach for tomorrow."

I'm always on a new adventure.  Whether its painting or travel or being part of a fun event with my students.  Want more info about me?

Current Resume 

The Catwalk Show of Art 2016

"Playtime" is the name of the cat statue I painted to be auctioned off at the fundraiser for the Feral and Abandoned Cat Society.  The statue was sponsored by Northside Animal Hospital and the design was inspired by a rescue cat named Hex who found his forever with me.

The Art of Living 2016

This program is through the Cancer Center at the Cape Breton Regional Hospital.  Its a great program where people who are going through cancer treatments can express their journey through art.  Our finished product was placed on display in the Center for Craft and Design for the month of July.

Paint Nights 2017

A group of adult beginner students painted the same painting in one night. My challenge: to teach beginners paint a beautiful painting in one night.  Their challenge to complete a beautiful painting in one night.  Mission complete!!  But judge the results for yourself.

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